Shabana Pathan

Has more energy and feels less stressed.

What I love about this program is that it’s not a diet.  It’s not even about food only but about overall wellness..mental, physical and spiritual.

When Katherine first approached me to try this 6 month program, my first thought was to say no because I felt I wouldn’t be able to commit. I’m so set in my nutritional routine and have so many dietary restrictions due to my religion that I felt I would fail.

When we had our first session, Katherine said something that changed my entire outlook.  She said that she was not here to judge or to tell me to stop eating what I enjoyed eating but to bring awareness to the benefits of eating other types of foods so that over time I can decide what I should takeaway and what I should add.  Game changer! because there was no pressure.

I was gradually able to add exercise, meditation and track my food intake.  I realized that I was eating more junk than I should and my salt intake was way too high.  I haven’t completely given up my guilty pleasures but have learned to make healthier choices.  I now have more energy and feel less stressed.

Katherine is a great coach because it’s easy to speak to her and she listens. I would recommend her and the program to my family and friends.

Patricia Carlucci

Share in this life-changing experience

I have known Katherine for many years and I can honestly say that she has never looked more radiant.  She has adopted a holistic approach to wellness that has obviously brought her great joy and peace of mind.  Her enthusiasm for her own lifestyle transformation radiates to those who encounter her,  and provides encouragement for them to start their own journey.   She has found her true mission – to energize and guide others to share in this life-changing experience.

Nicole Zeidan

Passionate and dedicated

I’ve known Katherine for about 5 years now and I can tell you she is the kind of person who cares about the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of every person she meets.

I had the pleasure of attending Katherine’s wellness talk on “Eating for Energy”, where I learned a lot about myself, making changes to improve my health and even my mood- it truly was ENERGIZING!

Katherine not only displays the knowledge and experience as a wellness coach, but I can assure you she is passionate and dedicated.  Because of Katherine’s support I am consistent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.