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Genetics Isn't Everything!

There is also epigenetics — which shows that things like diet, lifestyle, environment, relationships, career, physical activity, home life, toxin exposure and the choices we make every day in relation to these, have a bigger influence on our overall health and wellness than many of us understand. I show this through the heart-wrenching stories of 16 women who have changed their health and thus their lives with nutrition and self-care. Some even cured themselves of diseases they were told were incurable. How amazing is that !!!

Life is meant to be enjoyed! It is my mission in life to spread hope and understanding that within each of us is the answer to better health. I would be honored to help you discover what this means for you.

Also in Spanish. If Amazon is out of stock check Barnes & Noble or Outskirts Press

About Katherine's Book:

Genetics Isn't Everything

How to Make Your 'G-E-N-E-S' Fit You

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