Water Water Everywhere

Water. It covers about 75% of the Earth’s surface. It makes up ~73% of our brains. And it comprises ~65% of the human body. Most of your blood and all the cells in your body are made up of water. Water seems to be everywhere around us and within us… But – go a few days without it and you’ll probably die. The human body cannot survive without water. And by that, I mean fresh, clean, pure water.

So why? What does water do? Why is it so important?

Water transports oxygen and nutrients into your cells. It regulates body temperature. It protects our organs, removes harmful toxins and helps our metabolism. Water also acts as a lubricant, which both protects and moisturizes our joints.  Not enough water leads to dehydration, tiredness and muscle cramps in the short-term. Longer periods of dehydration can lead to thicker blood (which causes higher blood pressure), higher cholesterol, increased risk of coronary heart disease and obesity.

Humans require water. Life cannot exist without water. Seems simple, huh?

Think about this. A lot of people drink coffee first thing in the morning. What does this do? It further dehydrates an already dehydrated body. Your body naturally loses water throughout the night while you’re sleeping. Top that off with some caffeine and guess what? More dehydration! So what’s a body to do? Drink water as soon as you wake up! This will hydrate you, provide you with energy and enable you to feel more refreshed throughout the day. This practice also fuels your brain and reduces that brain-fogged feeling; it wakes up your metabolism; and it helps flush out toxins and impurities from your body allowing more room for nutrient absorption. You wouldn’t drive your car without first warming it up, would you? Think of your morning water as warming up your body.

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